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Nimrod Jackson


Descendants of Nimrod Jackson

Generation No. 1


1.  NIMROD1 JACKSON was born October 22, 1795 in prob. Orange District, South Carolina, and died October 15, 1866 in Crawford County, Georgia.  He married ELIZABETH BUSBEE April 14, 1814 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina.  She was born 1794 in prob. South Carolina, and died November 1879 in Crawford County, Georgia.



There is a reference to one NIMROD JACKSON in the 1820 South Carolina Census records. This census records: Males - 1 under 10;  1, 45 and upward;  Females - 2, 10 to 16;  1, 45 and upward.   "My" Nimrod would have been about 25 in 1820. Considering that the SC Nimrod was 45 and upward, this may well be my Nimrod's father with three younger children still at home and the older children living away from home. 


Nimrod Jackson and Elizabeth Busbee were married on April 14, 1814 in Orangeburg by Elkannah Sawyer, J.P. at the home of David Hadley. (Note: this information from records of Christine "Tina" Jackson Green of Byron, GA.)


There were Sawyer families in Crawford County during the same time period that Nimrod lived there.  The name Elkanah appears in various records of that county.


On March 8, 2000, Patrick H. Murray <>, posted information to the Busby Rootsweb website which included the following about Nimrod Jackson:  FROM MONTGOMERY CO., AL ARCHIVES, FOLDER ON BUZBEE. Query Hearst Sunday America, 16 Nov. 1938. "Nimrod Jackson and wife Elizabeth Busbee, married Edgefield Dist SC, went with brother Wm Jackson to Crawford Co. GA. Nimrod in war of 1812".


From WAR OF 1812 PENSIONERS, transcribed by Virgil D. White, 1989, p. 1071:  under the heading: JACKSON;     JACKSON, Nimrod, Elizabeth, WC-6285,

                       srv  Capt. John Lee's & Capt. Benjamin Frazier's co., GA Mil


Mrs. Green has copies of the military record of Nimrod Jackson in the War of 1812.  Nimrod was drafted into Capt. Seay's Co. at Charleston, South Carolina in June of 1812 for a six month period.  He was discharged at Charleston on October 4, 1812.  A note at the end of the records states that Nimrod Jackson served as a substitute for John Noble.

I found another record of Nimrod's service during the War of 1812. In the book "Edgefield in the War of 1812", by Carlee T. McClendon, 1977, pages 32-33.  This is a record of the "Payroll of a Company of State troops commanded by Captain Benjamin Fraizer in the service of the State of South Carolina for 1 month, commencing 10th Dec. 1813 ending 10th Jan. 1814."  Among the 70 privates is the name Nimrod Jackson. There were pay vouchers for Nimrod Jackson dated from December 20, 1813 to March 15, 1814, so Nimrod must have served a stint for himself. His service was under Capt. Frazier during this time period. 


I have searched the Orangeburg Co., South Carolina records trying to find a Jackson family to which Nimrod might belong.  There was one Thomas Jackson buying land on Big Fall Branch in 1817 who may have been some relation to Nimrod. A Mary Jackson placed her real and personal property in a Deed of Trust to John McWilliams in 1819.  Perhaps she was Thomas's widow and was protecting her estate prior to marrying again.  There were Buzbee and Sawyer families also in the county.  Benjamin Buzbee was buying land on Chinquipen Creek in 1804 and selling land in Rocky Swamp in 1818.  Sawyer men present in the county were William Sawyer, George Sawyer and, of course, Elkanah Sawyer - all during the 1814-1819 time period.  But, no documented connection of any of these people to Nimrod Jackson.  jrh


Apr. 15, 1999 - talked to Mrs. Christine (Tina) Green in Byron  today.  She descends from Nimrod's son Ebeneezer.  Mrs. Green said that Nimrod came to Georgia from Charleston, South Carolina.  Before Charleston he was in Orange District, S.C.  Nimrod and Elizabeth were married in Orange District before coming to Jones County, Georgia then to Crawford County.


NOTE:  I have been unable to find any record of Nimrod Jackson in Jones County, Georgia. The earliest i have found him in Georgia are land records which imply that he was in Bibb County in 1824 and in Houston County by 1827.  See below.  jrh


There is a period of 10 years between the date of Nimrod's 1814 marriage to Elizabeth and the 1824 land purchase in Houston County.  I have not been able to find any records which locate the Jacksons during that 10 year period prior to 1824. jrh


The following records attest to the fact that Nimrod was in Houston County, Georgia by 1827 and continued to buy land in that county through 1838.


The 1830 Houston County census also locates Nimrod in Houston County by that date.

1 Male under 5;   2 Males 5-10;   1 Male, 30-40

1 Female under 5;   3 Females 5-10;   1 Female 30-40.


In "Land Records of Houston County, Georgia 1826-1829, Vol. I", by William R. Henry, 1993, page 147 is the following:


BIBB COUNTY, GEORGIA        12-10-1824          Pg. 24

Grantors:        George B. Wardlow   &        Bibb Co., Ga.

                     George H. Bryan             Bibb Co., Ga.

Grantee:        Nimrod Jackson          Bibb Co., Ga.

$100.00   Lot No. 19   in the 4th Dist. of Houston Co., Ga.   202 1/2 acres

        Drawn by:  John Bogan of Richmond Co., Ga.  1821 LL (Land Lottery)

Wit:       John T. Blake

        James Busbee  (?)                   Signed:  G. B. Wardlow

        (See Deed Book "A" Pg. 172)                G. H. Bryan


HOUSTON COUNTY, GEORGIA        Personally appeared, Mathew Sikes, one of the Justices of the Peace of the said county.  James Buzbee sworn, saith he was a witness, saw Geo. B. Wardlow and G. H. Bryan sign, saw John S. Blake sign on 11-15-1825.

Wit:       Mathew Sikes, J.P.                     Signed:  James Buzbee


Same book and volume, page 147:

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GEORGIA        11-25-1825        Pg. 25

Grantor:          Allen Wilson           Effingham Co., Ga.

Grantee:        Nimrod Jackson          Bibb Co., Ga.

$100.00 Lot No. 236 in the 6th Dist. of Houston Co., Ga.    202 1/2 acres

        Drawn by Allen Wilson of Effingham Co., Ga.   1821 LL

Wit:       William Thorn  (?)

        Lewis Lanier, J.P.                   Signed:  Allen Wilson


EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GEORGIA        Received of Nimrod Jackson  $100.00  11-25-1825

Wit:       Lewis Lanier, J.P.                   Signed:  Allen Wilson

        Recorded:   April 26, 1826.


NOTE:  The above two deeds indicate that Nimrod Jackson was living in Bibb County as early as 1824, ten years after his marriage to Elizabeth in 1814 in SC. According to a map of Houston County provided by the author of the above book, the northern part of the 5th district of Houston County was lost to Bibb County in 1822 and the western part of the district was lost to Peach County in 1924.  So, Nimrod may have been living in that part of Houston County that became Bibb in 1822.


The earliest record placing Nimrod in Houston County is dated 9-7-1827.  From Volume II of Henry's book, page 9:


HOUSTON COUNTY, GEORGIA        9-7-1827              Pg. 28

Grantor: George Dias               Bibb Co., Ga.

Grantee:        Nimrod Jackson          Houston Co., Ga.

$200.00 Lot No. 18   in the 4th Dist. of Houston Co., Ga.    202 1/2 acres

        Drawn By:  Thomas Byrd, Sr. of Hall Co. (8-8-1823)  1821 LL

        See Book C

Wit:       Elisha Buzbee

        Abel Gunter          Signed:  George (X) Dias

CRAWFORD COUNTY, GEORGIA        Personally appeared Elisha Buzbee, sworn, saith he saw George Dias sign, saw Abel Gunter on 12-24-1828.

Wit:       Eben'r Joyner, J.P.                  Signed:  Elisha Buzbee

        Recorded:   February 16, 1829


A similar deed on the same page:

JONES COUNTY, GEORGIA                    11-13-1828        Pg. 28

Grantor: Hirum More              Jones Co., Ga.

Grantee:  Nimrod Jackson          Houston Co., Ga.

$50.00   Lot No. 2             in the 5th Dist. of Houston Co., Ga.    202 1/2 acres

        Drawn by:  William Downs, Sr.  (12-6-1827)  of Clark Co., Ga.  1821 LL

Wit:       O./C. G. Mandwill (?)

        J. C. Davison

        John Williams, J.P.              Signed:  Hirum (X) More

        Recorded:  February 16, 1829


In "Land Records of Houston County, Georgia 1829-1831, Vol. II" by William R. Henry, 1992, page 94, is the following:


HANCOCK COUNTY, GEORGIA         10-13-1829        Pg. 366

Grantor: Patience Hamilton                      Hancock Co., Ga.

Grantee:  Nimrod Jackson          Houston Co., Ga  

$25.00   Lot No. 20   in the 4th District. Houston Co., GA  202 1/2 acres

        Drawn by:  Walter Hamilton (9-29-1828) Hancock Co., Ga.  1821 LL

Wit:       Wm. Sealey

        Henry Rogers (?)

        Lewis Parker, J.P.  (?)        Signed:  Patience Hamilton

        Recorded:   June 7, 1830


In "Land Records of Houston County, Georgia 1836-1840, Vol. V" by William R. Henry, 1993, page 112, is the following:


HOUSTON COUNTY, GEORGIA        3-11-1837        Deed Pg. 272

Grantor:        Thornton Holman          Meriwether Co., Ga.

Grantee:        Nimrod Jackson          Houston Co., Ga.

$150.00 Lot No. 4             in the 5th Dist. Houston Co., Ga.

        Drawn by:  Nathan Newsom's Orphs. (7-?-1824) Walton Co. per Houston Co. List  See Deed above for more into.   "known as Lot No. four in fifth District of Houston Co. as more fully shewn in the plat and grant herewith coupled, containing two hundred and two and a half acres."

Wit:       William L. Hunt          Signed: Thornton Holman

        John A Renfro

        Recorded:  July 31, 1837


Lot No. 4 in the 5th District was in that part of Houston County that became Peach County in 1924.


Same volume, page 189:

HOUSTON COUNTY, GEORGIA        5-10-1838        Deed Pg. 449

Grantor: Joseph Blance (Joseph G. Blance)        Chatham Co., Ga.

Grantee:        Nimrod Jackson                         Houston Co., Ga.

$300.00 Lot No. 160 in the 10th Dist. Houston Co., Ga.    202 1/2 acres

        Drawn By:  John Justus Groverstein's Orphs. (12-1-1836)  Effingham

        Co., 1821 LL  (Land Lottery Book says Lot 10/10 BUT Houston Co.,

        List confirms 160/10th)

Wit:       Batt J. Lockhart

        Sheppard Williams, J.I.C.        Signed:  Joseph G. Blance

        Recorded:  June 5, 1838


On page 216 is the following:

HOUSTON COUNTY, GEORGIA        8-31-1838        Deed Pg. 513

Grantor:         Jethro Arline        Laurens Co., Ga.

Grantee:                       Nimrod Jackson  Houston Co., Ga.

$100.00         Lot No. 79        in the 6th Dist. Houston Co., Ga.

               Drawn By: Shadrack Williams (11-29-1823) Laurens Co., Ga.

               1821 LL (Land Lottery)


Wit:               Samuel Dinkins

               Nathan Busby, J.P.                   Signed: Jethro Arline

                Recorded:  November 22, 1838


NOTE:  Lot No. 79 in the 6th District of Houston County in 1838 was in that part of Houston County which became Peach County in 1924. jrh


The above deeds represent the purchase of 1,620 acres of land for $1,025.00, over a period of 14 years.


Tina Green related the story of Nimrod providing wood at the Byron railroad station (then called Jackson's Station) for the trains coming through.  There were three stations:  Station # 1 at Echeconee; Station # 1 1/2 at Byron where the trains took on wood;  and Station # 2 at Powersville where the trains took on water.


I have been unable to find an 1840 census record for Nimrod and Elizabeth Jackson in either Houston or Crawford Counties. However, since there are marriage records in Houston County for several of the Jackson children during the 1840s, the family was probably still in that county in 1840.


The 1850 Crawford County census records the following:

N. Jackson        56 or 54        M     Real Estate = $4000        b. SC

E. Jackson        56 or 54        F                            b. SC

E. Jackson        25   M                          b. Ga.

J. Jackson        19   M                          b. Ga.

B. Jackson        17   M                          b. Ga

B. W. Jackson        15   M                          b. Ga

G. M. Jackson        11   M                          b. Ga


NOTE: The 25 year-old E. Jackson would have been Ebeneezer who married in 1854.  The 19 year-old J. Jackson would have been John; 17 year-old B. was probably Rabun, b. 1834; the 15 year-old B.W. should have been Waynman J. who was born in 1836; and the G. M. was Green Marion born 1838.  The older children of Nimrod and Elizabeth had married before the 1850 census.


From the book WILLS OF CRAWFORD COUNTY, GEORGIA, 1835-1948, pages 23 and 24 comes the following information about Nimrod Jackson and his family.




        25 Jan. 1860,  (P) 5 Nov. 1866,  (R) 22 Nov. 1866, p87 (of Wills Book "B").  He desired that any property not herein bequested, to be sold, as his wife and executors herein named may think best to pay debts.  He bequested to son FELDER JACKSON, Land Lot No. 79, 6th Dist., and the mills thereon with all appurtenances thereto.  He bequested to son  GREEN MARION JACKSON, Land Lots No. 17, 18, and 19, 4th Dist., of originally Houston now Crawford County and improvement thereon, with privilege of his wife to live on same with him during her lifetime...and at his wife's death, the said land to be his forever.  He desired that all the negroes now at home place, Dave & his wife and children, and Charles to be held and enjoyed by his wife ELIZABETH during her life or widowhood. Should she marry she is only to receive a child's part of all property not already bequested.  All property not bequested to be sold by sale or otherwise equally divided between and among wife ELIZABETH,  sons FELDER, EBENEZER, WILLIAM JASPER, ROBUN PERRY, WAYNMAN J., GREEN MARVIN* (?), and JOHN, and daughters CAROLINE SCARBOROUGH wife of S. D. SCARBOROUGH, ELIZA DUPREE wife of  WILLIAM DUPREE, MITTA GREER  wife of WILLIAM GREER, ELIZABETH PEAVY wife of WILLIAM PEAVEY, to them and their children...and to children of his deceased daughter PARMELIA HARTLEY wife of JAMES D. HARTLY their mothers share had she been alive.  Exc: sons WILLIAM JASPER JACKSON and EBENEZER JACKSON.  Wit:  THOMAS B. ELLIS, J. W. DENT, and JAMES J. RAY. 


CODICIL 28 Mar. 1864:  Having given to his daughter CAROLINE SCARBOROUGH a negro girl named Amy valued at $1,000, to daughter ELIZA DUPREE a negro girl Ann value of $800, to daughter MITTIE GREER, a negro girl named Sarah valued at $1,000, and to daughter ELIZABETH PEAVEY a negro girl named Mariah valued at $1,000, which are to be taken by said daughters as an advancement of the legacy come to them.  Wit:  L. H. THURMAN, W. B. SCOTT, and EMANUEL C. AULTMAN.


Dec. 1866 Term:  WILLIAM JASPER JACKSON took oath as Executor."


NOTE:  The court copy of the LW&T of Nimrod Jackson is on microfilm in the Washington Library, Macon, GA.  The witnesses to the original will were Thomas B. Ellis, J. W. Dent and James J. Ray, 25 January 1860. The codicil was written and dated 28 March 1864 and witnessed by L. H. Thurman, W. B. Scott and Emanuel C. Aultman. In the codicil Nimrod states that the negro slave girls given to his four daughters, Caroline Scarborough, Eliza Dupree, Mittie Greer and Elizabeth Peavy, were to be considered " an advancement of the amount of the legacy so coming to them and each of them as contemplated in the fifth item of my said original will of which this a codicil - ratifying and confirming all and every part of the aforesaid original will.."  The slave girls may have been gifts to Nimrod's daughters as they came of age or at the time that they were married. jrh


*The name "Green Marvin Jackson" is recorded in other places as "Green Marion Jackson."  Other family researchers believe it to be "Marion" not "Marvin"  - named for the Rev. War hero Green Marion.  I have entered his name as Green Marion Jackson on Nimrod's family page.


Information from Bobby Stokes of Lizella:  Nimrod Jackson Cemetery, where Nimrod is buried, is near Byron, Georgia on Hartley Bridge Road between Byron and the Boy Scout Camp, 1/2 mile past the Scout Camp (on the Byron side) a road (used to) turns left and the cemetery is 600 feet up that road.


Apr. 22, 1999 - visited with Tina Green today. She let me see her research material on Nimrod Jackson.  Based on the information in her records, I have made additions and corrections to my Jackson family data.


Aug. 11, 1999 - Met Tina Green, her niece Dorothy Wright, their cousin Bill Powers and Karen Thames, Tina's daughter-in-law, in Byron today.  We had lunch and afterwards Dorothy and I looked for Nimrod's grave, with no success. Development of the area where the cemetery is supposed to be is so extensive that it's possible that the cemetery is no longer recognizable.


NOTE:  See notes for Elizabeth Busbee for more information on Nimrod's connection with William Reese Busbee who was the son of Benjamin Busbie of Edgefield County, South Carolina.  Benjamin's will is abstracted in EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA WILLS, 1787-1836, by James E. and Vivian Wooley, c. 1991, p. 101.  The will is dated 4 Oct. 1815 and names wife Susannah Busbie; sons Benjamin, Reese and Miles Busbie.  Executors were Nathan Norris and Ansil Sawyers.  Witnesses were Jacob Dominick, Casper (X) Dominick & E. L. Norris.  The will was signed: Benjamin (X) Busbie and proved by the oath of Jacob Dominick & Elbert H. Norris the 23 Oct. 1815 & same time qualified Nathan Norris as executor.


It is of interest to note the connection between the Busbie and Sawyer(s) family in the will.  An Elkanah Sawyer, J.P., married Nimrod Jackson and Elizabeth Busbie/Busbee in 1814 in SC.  There were Sawyers in Crawford and Houston Counties during the same time period that the Jacksons were there.  One of my g.g.grandfathers was Floyd Sawyer, father of Mary Emma Sawyer who married my great grandfather John Thomas Reynolds.  They were parents of my grandmother Mattie Reynolds who married my grandfather Henry Franklin Rape in 1899 in Houston County. jrh



The 1840 Crawford County, Georgia census shows the following information about Buzbee/Busbee households:


William H. (or N.) Buzbee:  Males  -  1, 5-10;  2, 10-15;  1, 30-40.  

Females  -  1, under 5;  2, 5-10; 1, 30-40.


Washington Buzbee:   Males  -  1, under 5;  2, 10-15;  2, 15-20.   

Females  -  1, 10-15.     This would seem to be a household of "orphans,"  since the oldest male could be no more than 20 and the one female no more than 15. Or perhaps a very young couple have younger relatives in their household.


Elizabeth Busbee would be about 40 years old in 1840.  These two Buzbee households may be those of Elizabeth's relatives.


Other Busbee family researchers indicate that the father of Elizabeth Busbee was William Reese Busby.  This assumption is based on a document (a deed/will) found in Houston County, Georgia.  The document reads:

 "This indenture made & entered into this Fourteenth of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, between heirs of W. R. Busbay, late of said county deceased of the (first part) & Nimrod Jackson and John Johnson of the other (part) & all of the same (county); Witnessed that said heirs of William R. Busbay deceased to wit: Mary Busbay, James Busbay, Allen Busbay, Inmon Busby, Wheaton Jones, & Phillip Scofield, hath this day bargain(ed) and sold unto the said Nimrod Jackson and John Johnson a certain tract or parcel of land it being & lying in the fifth district of said County & known in the court of said Dist. by _lot___ no. (62) Sixty-two, containing (202 1/2) two hundred and two and a half acres more or less.


Now for & in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred dollars in hands, ____ the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged at and before the signing of the same, for which (sum) binds (forever), our heirs, executors, & administrators, all jointly and, severally, by these presents forever, to warrent and defend the right title and claim of the (said) premises, from us, our heirs, executors, & administrators & every other person, whatsoever fee simple unto said Nimrod and John and their heirs, executors & (administrators) forever seals the above this day & year written, in presence of       M. J. Boatwright (not sure of spelling)

                       James Lewis, J.P.

                       Iman Busbee

                       Wheaton Jones

                       Phillip Schofield*

                       Mary Busbay*

                       James Busbee

Recorded May 23, 1846                                           *signed with their mark"


There is a note (on the internet posting) stating that John Johnson was married to Lillian "Lilly" Busby and the assumption is that both John Johnson and Nimrod Jackson were married to daughters of William R. Busby and were being given (sold) the inheritance of their wives by the other heirs of William R. Busby, named at the end of the document.  If this is true then we can assume that Wheaton Jones and Phillip Schofield were also married to daughters of William R. Busby and signed the indenture as guardians of their wives' inheritance.


My question is:  Why did Nimrod Jackson and John Johnson have to pay for their wives "inheritances" when there is no indication that Wheaton Jones and Phillip Schofield paid for their wives inheritances?  Perhaps the value of the land bought by John and Nimrod was more than the other "heirs of W.R. Busby" received so the $300 that Nimrod and John paid for the 202 acres was to be divided among those heirs to make the shares all equal. jrh


On record in the Houston County courthouse in Temporary Administrator's Bonds Book, 6 April 1852-2 December 1924, p. 50, is a bond in the sum of eight hundred dollars in the names of Philip Scoffill and John Johnson "held and firmly bound unto William T. Swift, Ordinary of said County. . ." dated Eighth day of February Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Seven.  "THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE BOND OR OBLIGATION IS SUCH, That whereas the above bound Philip Scoffill has this day applied to the said William T. Swift Ordinary, for, and has obtained, TEMPORARY LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION  of the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Mary Busby, deceased. . . . "

        The document is signed: Philip (his X) Scoffill and Jon Jonson (sic)


Mary Busby was no doubt the widow of William Reese Busby, mentioned in the above deed/will.


Phillip Schofill of Crawford County signed his last will and testament on 18 March 1856. It was recorded on April 8, 1891.  The will mentions his wife Charity and names his sons Andrew J. Schofill and Reese B. Scofill.  Also mentioned are daughters and children, but not by name.


On 25 July 1872, Elizabeth Busbee Jackson applied for a pension in Crawford County, Georgia at age 78. Nimrod had died in 1866 so Elizabeth was applying for a pension on Nimrod's service during the War of 1812.  If Nimrod's birthdate is correct, 1795, he would only have been 17 in 1812 but the records which I have found show that he wasn't in the military until 1813.


Elizabeth Busbee and Nimrod Jackson married in 1814 in Orangeburg District or in Edgefield County, South Carolina.  I have not found William Reese Busby/Busbee present in those counties in or before 1814.  However, there was a Jeremiah Busby present on the 1790 census for the 96th District, Edgefield County with:   1 male, 16+, and 1 male -16; and 4 females. 


In the same district, also in 1790, was a Green Jackson with 2 males, 16+; 1 male -16; and 3 females.


Also present was Elkanah Sawyer with 1 male 16+; 3 males -16; and 3 females.  This may be the Elkanah Sawyer, Justice of the Peace, who married Elizabeth Busbee and Nimrod Jackson at the home of David Hadley on April 14, 1814 in Orangeburg County which is adjacent to Edgefield.  Both were part of the old 96th District.


From the 1880 Mortality Schedule for Crawford County comes the following information which probably refers to Elizabeth Busbee Jackson:


Elizabeth Jackson, age 84, Female/White, born in South Carolina, father born in South Carolina, mother born in South Carolina, died November (1879) of a fever.  jrh



                  i.      PARMELIA2 JACKSON, b. March 02, 1815; d. October 03, 1846, Crawford County, Georgia; m. JAMES D. HARTLEY, December 30, 1830, Crawford County, Georgia; b. January 22, 1810; d. December 11, 1889.

                  ii.      MARTHA CAROLINE JACKSON, b. November 26, 1817, Georgia; d. 1900, Houston County, Georgia; m. SILAS D. P. SCARBOROUGH, January 22, 1834, Perry , Georgia, Houston County; b. March 28, 1812, Prob. Wilkinson County, Georgia; d. September 16, 1865, Houston County, Georgia.



Martha Caroline Jackson was the daughter of Nimrod Jackson and Elizabeth Busbee who were married in 1814 in Orange County, South Carolina by Elkanah Sawyer, J.P.  Nimrod served during the War of 1812.  The family settled in what is now Peach County near the town of Byron, Georgia.  However, at the time Nimrod and Elizabeth lived there it was Houston County, then Crawford County and not until 1924 was Peach County created.  See notes about Nimrod for more information. jrh


In a very poor copy of a picture of Silas D. P. Scarborough and Martha Caroline Jackson Scarborough, she appears to be in her seventies.  She was dressed in a striped, long-sleeved, shirtwaist, floor length dress holding a white handkerchief in her hands.  Her hair appears to have been gray and braided across her head.  They were standing by the side of a house.



At the Georgia Archives there is a record of a Silas Scarborough serving as 1st Lt. in Emanuel County (Georgia Militia) from November 23, 1830- Jan 18, 1832 (M.R., 1829-1841, p. 17).  Also as Capt. (Emanuel Co.) Dec. 11, 1835  (M.R. 1829-1841 p. 86) (MC 1835-36, p. 144).  It may be that this Silas was Silas D.P. Scarborough, son of Ichabod.  He would have been of an age to be in the militia during the years 1830 to 1835.  However, there is on record in Houston County, Georgia the marriage license and certificate of Silas D. P. Scarborough and Martha Caroline Jackson.  The license is dated llth day of January 1834, signed by C. U. Rice, C.C.O., his seal.  The marriage certificate is dated 22d day of January 1834. The ceremony was performed by Stephen Castillaw O. M. G. 


So if Silas D. P. was in Houston County in 1834, perhaps the Emanuel County Silas Scarborough was a relative - maybe the son of Miles Scarborough. Miles and Ichabod Scarborough were listed together on the 1805 Wilkinson County Tax List when they paid taxes on 452 1/2 acres of land.  Miles was named as the 'grantee' of the land and Ichabod was named as 'person to pay taxes' on the land.  I have not yet been able to determine the relationship between Ichabod and Miles. They may have been father and son, or brothers.


A list of members of Union Church of Crawford County, Georgia includes, in 1847, Silas D. P. Scarbran, obviously my Silas D. P. Scarborough.


The 1850 census of Houston County, Georgia records Silas D.P. Scarborough as head of household, age 38, his wife Martha age 33, and Jasper, his brother, age 23.  Silas's worth is listed as $500.00. Jasper had his own estate valued at $500.00 also.


Jasper was the youngest child of Ichabod Scarborough and would have been about five years old at the time of his father's death.  Silas was made guardian of his brother Jasper when Jasper was about 17. Silas's brother Abram/Abraham Marshall Scarborough had been made the administrator of their father's estate when Ichabod died and may have been Jasper's guardian. Later information concerning Jasper indicates that he was under the guardianship of his brother George W. Scarborough after Ichabod's death and upon reaching the age of 17 he went to live with Silas in order to continue his schooling.  JRH


In the 1860 Houston County Scarborough household were: Sylus age 43 (should have been 48); Martha C. age 43; Josephine age 22; Ichabod (Nimrod) age 19; Sarah J. age 14; J. S. Warren age 13; James B. T. age 12; Pinkney W. age 9; Franklin age 6; and Sarah F. age 4.  (The son Pinkney W. conflicts with other information given to me by Mrs. Gordon Scarborough.  According to the 1850 census, Pinkney W. was born in 1851.  The son born in 1851 in Mrs. Scarborough's records was listed as James Benjamin Troup Scarborough with no mention of a son named Pinkney W.)  The Sarah F. age 4 on the 1860 census should have been Laura F(rances) who was 4 years old in 1860. Another Sarah was listed on the 1860 census as age 14.   (NOTE:  One Scarborough researcher says that the Pinkney W. on this census was either a grandson or a nephew of Silas and Martha Caroline Scarborough. jrh)


The oldest son of Silas D.P. and Martha Jackson Scarborough was named for both of his grandfathers, Nimrod Jackson and Ichabod Scarborough, thus was burdened with the name Ichabod Nimrod (I.N.) Scarborough. I.N. joined Company C of the 6th Georgia Regiment and fought with the Beauregard Volunteers during the War Between the States.  He gave his life for the Southern Cause.


The daughter listed as Sarah F. on the 1860 census was in fact Laura Frances Adeline Rebecca Scarborough, a 6th great granddaughter of Edward Doty, the Mayflower immigrant. She married Peter Henry Rape and became my connection to a Mayflower Pilgrim.


There are church records of Crawford County which list Silas D. P. and his wife Martha Caroline Scarborough as members of Elam Primitive Baptist Church.  Elam was located in western Crawford County.


Silas D. P. Scarborough was commissioned a Houston County Justice of the Peace on 28 January 1865, but died in September so didn't get to finish out his term.


In conversation with Judy Lubas of Forestville, California, July 16, 1999:  Judy claims that the S.D.P. of Silas Scarborough's name stand for Silas Daniel Pinkney.  I have not seen the entire name in records anywhere.  Judy is a descendant of S.D.P.'s son Jasper Franklin Scarborough. jrh


Silas D. P. Scarborough is buried in Houston County on what is called the "Dunbar Farm" off Dunbar Road in the northern section of the county.  The cemetery is fenced, but is not kept cleared and is very overgrown with bushes and briars.  A large tree has fallen across several graves.  It is likely that Martha Jackson Scarborough is also buried there but her grave is not marked. Silas D.P.'s dates of birth and death come from the headstone which is erected at the head of his grave. jrh


The will of S.D.P. Scarborough is recorded in "Houston County Wills Book B - 1855-1896".


State of Georgia )   In the name of God Amen.  I Silas D. P. Scarborough of said

Houston County )   State and County being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as respects my family and myself that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind Providence has blessed me, do therefore make this my last Will & Testament - hereby revoking all others hertofore made by me.

1st  I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and christian like manner suitable to my circumstances and condition in life.  My soul I trust shall return to rest with God who gave it as I hope for eternal salvation through the atonement and merits of the blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Chrust whose religion I have professed and as I humbly trust enjoyed for nineteen years.

2nd  I desire and direct that my beloved wife Martha C. Scarborough do take control of my affairs and manage, &c, and act as I should myself, it being paying all my just debts.  That she is to bargain, sell and trade and do other acts which she may considerbeneficial to herself and family.  No Court of Ordinary or other authorities to have control or powers over her and her acts more than granting her letters of permission to act (----) herself.

3rd   I desire and will that in case my wife marry she is to have a child's part and after her death this part to revert back to my children to be equally distributed among them and in like manner at her death all the effects which may be on hand to be likewise distributed.

            Signed, Sealed and published by Silas D. P. Scarborough

as his last will and testament in presence of us as witnesses, this Sept 11, 1865.

                        Silas D. P. Scarborough (L.S.)


Bolin P. Leaptrot

P. J. Bateman

Joel Mizles

The within last Will & Testament of Silas D. P. Scarborough late of this County deceased having been presented to this Court for probate by Mrs. Martha C. Scarborough the Executrix named therein and having been duly proven in common form by Bolin T. Leaptrot, & Joel Mizles two of the Subscribing witnesses thereto it is ordered that the same be and is hereby admitted to record in this Court and Mrs. Martha c. Scarborough the Executrix herein appointed having duly taken the oath prescribed by law to execute Said Will it is ordered that letters Testamentary do issue to her accordingly.  And the will dispensing with the duty of appraising the Estate of deceased or making Annual Returns, no appraisers are therefore appointed nor is Said Executrix required to make annual Returns.

                        (signed) W. T. Swift - O.H.C.


Recorded April 1866.


NOTE:  The above will is copied from the court transcript and is not the original will. jrh


                 iii.      FELDER JACKSON, b. July 29, 1819, South Carolina; m. MARTHA C. O'QWYNNE, Abt. 1848; b. Abt. 1829.



According to some Crawford County, Georgia records, Felder was blind and as long as he was not made a burden to the county he was to be tax exempt.  (See Crawford Co., GA Inferior Court Records, County & Court Purposes 1846-1863:  16 Nov. 1846:  Ordered that Felder Jackson, who is blind and unable to support himself, be and he is hereby released from the payment of taxes so long as his father continues to support him and does not throw him upon the county....


Felder evidently found a way to become independent by becoming a miller.  In his will Nimrod, Felder's father, left him Land Lot No. 79, 6th Dist., and the mills thereon with all appurtenance thereto. So, it would appear that Felder's support had been provided by his father.


Names of the children of Felder and Martha come from material sent me by Dorothy Wright, another Nimrod descendant, and from the 1850 and the 1870 Houston County, Georgia Censuses. 


The 1850 census record reads as follows:

Felder Jackson, age 32, Miller, b. South Carolina

Martha     "       , age 19             b. Georgia

Margaret Sledge, age 43           b. South Carolina

Mary         "        , age 17           b.  Georgia

Lanson     "        , age 15, Farmer, b. Georgia

Nancy       "        , age 13,          b. Georgia


I seems likely that Margaret Sledge was the widowed mother of Martha Jackson. However, I have been given the name Martha O'Qwynne as the wife of Felder Jackson. As far as I have been able to determine, Felder did not have a sister named Margaret, so the presence of Margaret Sledge and her children on the above census is not clear.   If Felder's age is correct (32) he would have been born in 1818, so evidently, Nimrod and his wife Elizabeth Busbee left North Carolina after 1818/1819.  I have been given the birth date of 1819 for Felder. jrh


Th 1870 census records the following:

Jackson, Felder, age 50, born in South Carolina, a miller with property valued at $8,000.     Martha, 41, b. Georgia;    Perry W, 19;    Julia, 16;    Emma, 15;    Marion M., 12 (female);    Eliza, 11;    Georgiann, 10;    Andrew, 6;   and Christian F., 4 (male).  The Sledge family was no longer in the Jackson household of 1870. jrh


                 iv.      MITTA JACKSON, b. December 23, 1821; m. WILLIAM GREER, March 03, 1842, Houston County, Georgia.

                 v.      EBENEZER WILLIAM JACKSON, b. February 13, 1824; m. ELIZABETH ANN MCARTHUR, January 26, 1854, Crawford County, Georgia.



Information on Ebenezer Jackson came from a descendant Tina Jackson Green of Byron, Georgia and from the 1870 Houston County census.  JRH


                 vi.      ELIZA JACKSON, b. May 01, 1827; m. WILLIAM BENNETT DUPREE, October 12, 1842, Houston County, Georgia; b. December 17, 1813; d. May 22, 1864.

                vii.      WILLIAM JASPER JACKSON, b. April 21, 1828; m. (1) MISSOURI JORDAN; m. (2) GEORGIA JORDAN.



After the death of his first wife, Missouri Jordan, William Jasper married her sister, Georgia Jordan.


               viii.      ELIZABETH JACKSON, b. December 20, 1830, Crawford County, Georgia; d. 1911, Byron, Georgia, Houston County; m. WILLIAM HENRY PEAVY, October 01, 1846, Crawford County, Georgia; b. July 13, 1827, Byron, Georgia, Houston County; d. April 16, 1890, Byron, Georgia, Houston County.



Information on Elizabeth Jackson and her descendants is taken from Family Tree Maker, Family Archives, Volume 7, Tree # 3292.  I have not researched this family myself. JRH


                 ix.      JOHN JACKSON, b. July 27, 1832.

                 x.      RABUN PERRY JACKSON, b. April 30, 1834; m. ALVENIA NEWMAN.

                 xi.      WAYNMAN J. JACKSON, b. April 17, 1836; m. NORA LONG.

                xii.      GREEN MARION JACKSON, b. August 05, 1838.



According to records in the possession of Mrs. Christine (Tina) Jackson Green of Byron, Georgia, Green Jackson was born blind.  Records indicate that Green Jackson's brother Felder was blind.





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