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Callaway-Langley- Norwood-Hodge


Caroline Callaway Langley


Caroline Callaway was born December 24, 1808 in Monroe County, Georgia to Edward and Elizabeth Spratlin Callaway.  Her grandparents were Joshua and Isabella Graves Henderson Callaway and James and Winnifred Monday Spratlin of Wilkes County, Georgia.  On May 16, 1833 Caroline married Isaiah Jeremiah Langley who was born September 8, 1809 in South Carolina.  Isaiah Langley was a Baptist minister who was called at a young age as minister of the Smyrna Baptist Church in Forsyth.  In 1838 he became the minister of the Perry Baptist Church.  Their children were Thomas Edward, Elizabeth Bernetta, Adoniram Judson, Caroline Octavia, and Ryland Holmes. 
Having been afflicted with epilepsy Isaiah Langley died at the early age of forty-two on May 9, 1851 in Houston County.  Caroline Langley moved to Jackson County, Florida with her son, Reverend Thomas Edward Langley, and his family following the Civil War.  She died July 12, 1879 in Florida.


Thomas Edward Langley was born near Forsyth, Georgia on August 16, 1834 to Isaiah Jeremiah and Caroline Callaway Langley.  In HISTORY OF THE BAPTIST DENOMINATION IN GEORGIA it is said, "The advantages of a collegiate course were denied him; but, under the instruction of James H. Dunham, at Perry, Georgia, during the years 1848, '49, and '50, he became a very proficient Latin and Greek scholar."  He taught at Monroe Female College, Forsyth for four years  before being called to preach in 1857 at Knoxville, Crawford County, Georgia.  In 1858 he was called to the Baptist Church of Ft. Valley where he served until 1860 when he moved to Terrell County.  After serving churches in his native state for thirteen years he move to Jackson County, Florida.  He was the first pastor of many of the Baptist churches in that area including the First Baptist Church of Chipley, Florida where he was living when he died March 30, 1890.


 Lavinia Ann Norwood Langley
Lavinia Ann Norwood was born to Lorenzo Dow and Kate McLaughlin Norwood February 29, 1832 in the Darlington District, South Carolina.  She came with her family to Houston County, Georgia in 1838. On September 25, 1851 she married Thomas Edward Langley in Houston County.  She died February 4, 1905 in Chipley, Florida where she lived in the home of her daughter, Octavia Langley Daniel.  Her obituary stated, "She was a Christian woman of beautiful character, bright in intellect, warm in her sympathies, ready for every good word and work." 

Thomas Edward and Lavinia Ann Norwood Langley had ten children.  They were Adoniram Judson (b. July 6, 1852,) Willie Jerome (b. September 22, 1853), Joshua C. (b. November 10, 1855), Theodosia O. (b. June 13, 1857), Everetta (b. August 2, 1858),  Edward Ryland (b. March 12, 1862), Catherine Caroline (b. February 9, 1864), Thomas Lorenzo (b. January 31, 1866), L. Pinkie (January 25, 1869), and Lavinia Octavia (b. July 31, 1872).




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