Artist and author Avery Chenoweth, Sr. along with wife Lise retired to Perry, GA,  five years ago. They reside in Houston Springs where Avery spends time in this studio painting and also writing.


Avery was born in Jacksonville, grew up in Atlanta, Tampa, and Columbia.  He attended military prep school in Jacksonville during WW II and briefly attended Sewanee College of the South before transferring to Yale and then to Princeton where he graduated in 1950 with A.B. in Art History. Later he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Florida.


After graduating from Princeton, he served in the Marine Corps in the Korean War.  After active duty he stayed in the Reserves and volunteered for short stints in Vietnam and the Gulf War after which he retired as a Reserve colonel.


Avery pursued a career in advertising working on Madison Avenue in NYC.  One of his most remembered campaign's was that of Chevrolet's 'See the USA' with Dina Shore.  He later had his own TV/ Motion Film company for major national clients; directed, filmed and produced an award-winning one-hour NBC TV Special.


Two of his over-sized military histories have been published by Barnes & Noble, Semper Fi (in its second printing) and  Art of War.  He also has three Electronic books on NOOK, KINDLE, and iBOOKS.  The most recent release are "Faith" and  a thriller chiller,  "The Final Battle".


An exceptional and noted artist, his art is in museum, government, military, corporate and private collections in this country and abroad. In 2012 four of his paintings are on display at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum.


Perry is fortunate that the Chenoweth's chose to make it their home.  Their talents and vitality add to the vibrant art community of Middle Georgia.